This the procedure on how to add a reverse DNS record.Let’s suppose that the ip is and the domain is

  1. Click on Create New Master Zone
  2. Now the Zone type will be: Reverse
  3. Domain name/network: 168.34.26. (The last number is left out which is 58)
  4. Records file: Automatic
  5. Master server: [/] Add NS record for Master Server?
  6. Email address: [email protected] or [email protected]
  7. Use template: no
  8. Refresh time: leave as default
  9. Expiry time: leave as default
  10. IP address for template: leave blank
  11. Transfer retry time: leave as default
  12. Default time to leave: leave as default
  13. Click on create

Now Edit the Master Zone properties for the Reverse that we just created.

Create Pointer

  1. Click on PT
  2. Now add Reverse Address Record
  3. Address: (type complete IP address here)
  4. Host name:
  5. Update forward: yes
  6. Click on Create

Return to Record Types

At the end restart named service.

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