The BSDev Data Entry system is built for Call Center companies.

Through this system, contracts and working hours for operators are inspected / verified / modified.
This system was built for the needs of a Call Center, to have a system where you can enter working hours and contracts for each operator.
Through this system, Staff introduces contracts (Date, Operator, Name, Client), Surname (Client), Telephone (Client), Contract Status (OK, KO, Pending), Typology) and working hours (Operator). , Date, Amount of hours) for each operator.
The operator enters the system with his pre-created code and verifies the amount of contracts and the number of hours (for a period of time chosen by the operator)
System functions:

BSDEV Data Entry 1.0

1.) 5 types of roles (Administrator, Staff, Backoffice, Supervisor, Operator)
1.1) The administrator has control over everything
1.2) Staff adds / deletes / modifies / verifies contracts and working hours for all operators
1.3) Backoffice adds / modifies / verifies contracts and only verifies working hours
1.4) Supervisor adds / verifies working hours and only verifies contracts
1.5) The operator has only verification rights for contracts and working hours according to self-determined dates.
2.) Addition / Modification of Contracts
3.) Add / Delete Work Hours
4.) Verification of contracts / hours for a period of time as desired
5.) Grouping of operators according to supervisors (Supervisor looks at and verifies the hours and contracts only for its operators)
6.) Searching for a contract by (Name, Surname or Telephone)
7.) Auto-Logout if the user stays inactive for more than 10 minutes
* Additional functions can be added to this application depending on the request.






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